Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We love 'our' missionaries!

 One of the great blessings of serving a mission as a senior couple is associating with the outstanding young men and women who have left their families, friends, school and other activities to devote all of their time and energy to serving the Lord. They work hard, motivated by their love for the people and their love for the Savior. They have been referred to as 'the miracle of the Church'. Indeed they are - a miracle created by their devotion, their study of the scriptures and their earnest prayers for the sustaining hand of the Lord in their work.

We're in the Sousa Zone of the Brazil Jõao Pessoa Mission. We're about as far west as you can go in the state of Paraiba, 6 hours by car from the mission headquarters. There are missionary transfers every 6 weeks and every transfer one or more of the missionaries in our zone will leave and one or more new missionaries will arrive. We quickly grow fond of the new arrivals and our hearts are wrenched as missionaries leave.

Sousa Zone - December 20, 2011

Sisters Haygood & Bee, Elders Walton & David
Vale dos Dinossauros - Sousa.  P-Day Fun!

Elders Fisi & Filbert - Pombal
Elder Petrie, Sisters Barreto, Petrie & Olney - Pombal

Elders Walton & David, Sisters Bee & Haygood

Sisters Haygood and Bee - Sousa

Elders Jay and Walton - Sousa

Elders de Olliveira, da Cunha, V. Silva & Lemos, Cajazeiras

Elders Santos, Soares dos Santos, Gutemberg & V. Silva - Cajazeiras

Sisters Souza & Haygood, Elders Rolim & Dácio - Sousa

Sisters Barreto, Petrie & Arruda

Elders Rinaldi, Rodrigues, Sisters Sousa, Chagas, Elders Dácio, Jensen - Sousa

Elders Jensen, Dácio, Rinaldi & Rodrigues - Sousa

President & Sister Hall, Sister & Elder Petrie