Thursday, October 20, 2011

Visas Arrived - The Pressure is On!

We received the long-awaited phone call from the Senior Missionary Department this week - our visas were finally issued by the Brazilian Consulate in Los Angeles. We're finally going to leave on our mission!

We've had several postponements to our date to enter the Missionary Training Center in Provo. First it was August 22nd, then September 19th, then October 17th followed by November 19th. People have been asking, "Are you still here? I thought you were in Brazil!" We were telling people that the date was "absolutely carved in sand." Well, with visas in hand the date is firm - we show up in Provo on October 31st - Halloween. I think we'll dress up like missionaries and go trick or treating!

Everything happens for a reason, right? In our case, the delay brought a great blessing - we were able to sell our business which will allow us to serve without worrying about the health of the company while we're away.

With a firm date the pressure is really on. The to-do list seems to be growing rather than shrinking. There's cars to sell, business issues to finalize and innumerable things to finish around the house. And of course we're anxious to spend precious time with our family and friends before leaving for 18 months.

We know one thing for sure: The Lord wants us in Brazil to work and serve the wonderful people there. We're grateful to be part of the great missionary force that is spread throughout the world, taking a message of joy and peace to our Heavenly Father's children.

We'll keep you posted as we travel to Brazil and begin our work there.

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