Friday, December 30, 2011

Dinosaurs in Sousa!

Vale dos Dinossauros, Sousa, Paraiba

Sousa's claim to fame is an attraction just north of town called "Vale dos Dinossauros" where footprints of dinosaurs were preserved in stone. The valley was declared a state monument and has a small visitors' center and pathways to observation points where you can clearly see the dinosaur tracks. There are dinosaur replicas throughout the park and in the visitors' center.

Sousa is proud of this unique monument. There are references to dinosaurs all over the city. There are dinosaur bakeries, auto shops, stationary stores, candy stores and every other kind of business you can imagine. There are also dinosaur statues in parks and dinosaur paintings on the sides of buildings.

All of the missionaries in town - 2 Elders, 2 Sisters and the Petrie's decided to visit the park on a
P-day. It was fun and educational. It was great fun for us to watch the missionaries react to the things we saw there.

At the Visitors' Center
Sisters Heygood & Bee, and Elders Walton & David
Sharing a refreshing drink of coconut water

Elder Walton sleeping with the dinosaur
Missionaries with our grizzled guide

Tracks! Who was here?

Sisters exploring the tracks.

Our Guide feeding the small monkeys.

Careful - they bite!

Lunch after the adventure.

Since this is Sousa's main attraction, it will probably be our most adventurous P-Day. The normal P-Day is a morning of cleaning, washing, shopping and e-mail.

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