Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You can run but you can't hide (from Google)!

Here we are in Sousa, a small city in Brazil that is 6 hours by car from the state capital and what did we see? A Google Street View car, roaming the cobblestone streets, snapping pictures of everyone and everything. These pictures will soon appear on Google Maps and Google Earth.

We saw the car a couple of days previously in Cajazeiras - an even smaller city in the state of Paraiba. If they are here, they are everywhere in the world. Amazing!

We spoke with the driver and the technician and learned some interesting facts. The tower on top of the car has 15 cameras that take pictures automatically as they go down the road. The cameras fire automatically and the number of pictures they take depends on the speed of the car. The car is loaded with technology: multiple computers, ultra-precise GPS and massive data storage. They told us the pictures will appear on Google Maps in about 2 months. There are 2 cars like this in this remote northeastern part of the country.

If you see one of these passing your place - SMILE!

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