Monday, February 27, 2012

Elder Petrie's Breathalyzer Test!

Last night we were driving to Pombal at attend the Sacrament Meeting there. We had the two Zone Leaders, Elder Rolim & Elder Jay, with us and Igor, a young man from the Sousa Branch. Shortly before arriving in Pombal we came up behind a string of four cars driving very slowly behind an overloaded truck that was just creeping along. We came to a clear spot where we could all pass safely so we all went around the truck. Unfortunately it was on a bridge with a double yellow line and the Federal Police saw it all on camera. When we entered the police checkpoint in Pombal, they directed all of us to stop.

The Police were enjoying this more than Elder Petrie.
They asked for our documents and politely explained that it is illegal to pass on the bridge (and anytime there is a double yellow line). Double yellow lines (as well as almost all other traffic signs) are regularly ignored here.
The documents were in order - thankfully.

The told us they would not fine us, but decided that we all should have a breathalyzer test. Fortunately for me, Guaraná (the world's best soft drink) does not effect the test and I blew a 0.00.

We're sure Igor will tell this story to all of his friends and there will be more than a little ribbing at church next Sunday.

Lesson learned!

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  1. Haha a breath test? Usually they just ask for 20 reais and you're good to go. I trained Elder Rolim. He's an awesome missionary. Please send him my love.

    -Tanner Gilliland